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Chelsea and Adam

Another lake wedding? I'm all for it! Chelsea and Adam's big day was one of those weddings that was just super low stress, chill, and exciting all at the same time.

The day started at Chelsea's family lake house, with the sun shining bright on this beautiful September morning. Of course, the vibes were immaculate as the bridal party prepared for the day ahead.

I was lucky enough to work with Andrew Jowett (Niven Weddings) again on this one. We grabbed some detail shots, as well as some establishing shots of the beautiful garden in the front yard. We head back in, and Chelsea began opening some gifts. Then it was time to pop the champagne! Well, it didn't exactly go as planned for the first bottle, as it exploded a bit.

It was time to head over to Adam's house, and upon arrival the guys were having a good time listening to music, tossing a football around, playing CanJam and cornhole, and watching College Football Gameday on the TV. I'd have to imagine it felt like they were all kids again just messing around out there. Adam then started to get ready, and at this point the temperature was rising quite a bit, so we tried to get his outdoor shots done quickly and efficiently so he didn't have to sit outside in the heat.

Luckily the two spots were only 5 mins away or so, which is one reason why the day went as smooth as it did. Plus, it's Port Huron so you never have to worry about a crazy amount of traffic. Such a huge perk of living in this city!

Time flew by, and after some more portraits, first looks, and laughs, it was time for the ceremony.

One thing that I absolutely loved about this ceremony was that the walk was pretty long from the house to the altar. This allowed for a bit more creativity with these shots. But more importantly, it gave the couple more time to take in everything in that moment. As a videographer, ceremonies seem to go by pretty fast, so I can only imagine how fast they go for the couple. My advice to any couples out there would be to try incorporating little things that stretch out the ceremony a bit, so you can take in every little moment from that time.

Once the ceremony finished up, it was time for the reception. The reception venue was a quick walk over from the ceremony, and was beautifully crafted. The longer style tables were decorated with greenery rather than floral pieces, which looked incredible. Then topped off with candles to give it that classic, elegant feel to mix in with the nature vibe from the greenery and wooden chairs.

One thing that will always stand out to me about this wedding? The speeches! Chelsea and Adam's family and friend's told their story in such a wonderful way. I actually found it quite hard to decide what parts of the speeches to put into the final film because they were so well thought out. It became very clear to me throughout the whole day that family and friendship are valued greatly by both Chelsea and Adam.

The night went on, and the warm string lights lit up the tent (which looked amazing by the way). It was time to party, as Chelsea, Adam, and all of the most meaningful people in their lives danced the night away. Shoutout to DJ Garett for staying an extra hour!

I'm so glad I was able to capture Chelsea and Adam's special day. These two are the perfect match for each other, and I wish them a lifetime full of happiness, and many more days at the beach!

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