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Alexis and Justin

Alexis and Justin's wedding was such an incredible day filled with laughs, cries, and love. The wedding ceremony took place at a family lake house, which was very sentimental to Alexis as she spent a lot of time here growing up. Justin understood how important it was to her, to the point that he actually proposed to Alexis here as well. The ceremony was followed up by a wonderful reception at City Flats Hotel, located right in the heart of downtown Port Huron. Surely enough, they both officially met in downtown Port Huron as well at a local spot. The whole day just had a very comforting, hometown vibe to it as they both grew up and met in this city.

The day started at Karas & Co. Hair and Nail Salon in Downtown Port Huron. It was a calm, overcast morning with a bit of a brisk feel. Alexis and her Bridesmaids shared laughs, hugs, and maybe a tear or two with each other. The mornings of weddings always just have a feeling similar to Christmas morning as a kid.

From there, the photographer and I (Niven Weddings) headed over to the lake house to grab some detail shots. Andrew and I collaborated on some ideas, and were able to create some pretty amazing shots. Working with photographers like Andrew makes the day go so much smoother. His ability to keep the day moving while also not making the couple feel stressed is unmatched.

Time flew right by, and it was time for Alexis and Justin to read their vows to each other. They opted for the "first touch" style, as they held hands with just a wooden fence separating them. I always love filming this style for vows because of how raw the emotion is. All you can do in that moment is listen to your life partner tell your love story, and it creates such a deep connection between the couple.

Guests began to arrive, and this is one portion of weddings that I love to capture. The couple will most likely never be able to have all of these same people in the same place again, so capturing the interactions between family and friends adds an amazing element to the film.

While the ceremony venue was incredibly special to the couple, it was also just a beautiful area to film. Lake weddings are always a joy to film, even if the weather isn't always perfect. It sprinkled just a bit during the ceremony, but honestly it added a bit of dreaminess to the day in general. Sometimes the weather is just meant to be! After the first kiss between Alexis and Justin, the "beach bell" (I'm honestly not too sure what to call it) was rang three times.

We then stuck around after family photos for a quick portrait session with Alexis and Justin. The slight sprinkle veered off, and the overcast made for a soft, natural light to shine on both of them. Portrait sessions are basically the only time throughout the day when the couple are alone (besides 2-3 cameras pointing at them lol), so it's really just about capturing them being in the moment as husband and wife. I will say, credit to Alexis for the idea of stepping out on the retainer wall, I'm not sure if I would have even trusted my balance to not fall into the water. It definitely made for a pretty cool shot though.

We then went over to City Flats and listened to some incredible speeches, both on the emotional side and more lighthearted side. This was followed by an incredible dinner (shoutout to the City Flats chefs and catering team) another quick portrait session in the streets of Downtown Port Huron, first dances, and of course a PARTY! Did I mention their was a shark on the dance floor?

What a great day it was. Alexis and Justin were absolutely made for each other, and I am so glad I was able to capture their special day!

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