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About Me

My name is Nick Cartmell. Based out of Michigan, I have always had an appreciation for the art of filmmaking. For weddings, my number one goal is to create a film that tells your love story while incorporating all of the incredible moments throughout your big day. 

Outside of wedding filmmaking, I also have a passion for filming sports and fitness. I think that having a background in that area is what makes my wedding films a bit more unique. It really helps me build an exciting love story in your film, almost as if you're watching a movie. 

My Story

Growing up, I always loved taking videos of the most random things. I got my first ever "video camera" when I was 10 years old for Christmas. I would take it literally everywhere I went, and there was nothing I loved more than that at the time.

As time went on, I transitioned into putting more of a focus on sports and my education. Once I ended high school, I decided to no longer pursue sports, and really start to take the art of filmmaking more seriously. 

Today, I am obsessed with everything about creating films. To me, it is more than just a picture on a screen. In all the films I create, I always make sure I am telling a story. It is my goal to recreate those same feelings you had on your wedding day each and every time you watch the film.

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